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SIM Holland supplies to the Offshore Wind Power industry

Recently SIM Holland B.V. received the order from Windcat Workboats for the delivery of six Cummins Onan 13.5 MDKDP generators of which some equipped with a PTO. The generators are supplying the hydraulic and electrical consumers on the vessel and one of the hydraulic consumers is the unique Windgrip System which is a designed System by Windcat Workboat (patent pending). To improve the safety of offshore transfers and to increase the accessibility of wind turbines, Windcat Workboats has developed the Windgrip System. The Windgrip system is now fitted to 24 vessels in their fleet. By using constant tension winches, a smart control system and specially designed straps, the grip on the turbine’s boat landing is
increased. This improves the safety of a transfer and reduces fuel consumption. The tension can be adjusted to remove the need for the vessel to have its engines engaged, therefore reducing fuel burn and CO² emissions.

In 2016 the system was awarded twice, first winning the 2016 Health and Safety Award by the Crown Estate and Renewables UK and second the EEEGR Cost Reduction and Collaboration Award.

The Cummins Onan generators will be fitted with lots of options amongst which double skinned fuel lines. The generators will be modified in house at SIM Holland B.V. and test run under load before handed over to Windcat Workboats.

Windcat Workboats is Europe’s leading provider of specialist Crew Transfer Vessels for offshore wind power, oil and gas and other offshore projects. The unique design of the vessels results in simple, fast, safe and comfortable transfer of personnel and equipment offshore. With over 1.600.000 safe transfers completed, the vessels have proven to operate in more challenging
sea conditions than competing vessels. Windcat Workboats was founded in 2002 and currently has a fleet of 41 vessels operating and several vessels still under construction.
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SIM Holland supplies
to the Offshore Wind Power industry

New Windcat MK3.5
Windcat Workboats have launched in August 2017 the first vessel in their new MK3.5 series “Windcat 40”, the sixth vessel in the fleet of over 22 meter length.

Being part of the industries LCOE reduction goals, Windcat has put significant effort into developing a vessel which fits to the ever evolving client requirements for comfort and performance delivered in a cost- and fuel-efficient way. The latest technologies and regulations have been adopted to create a state of the art vessel.

The hull shape has been studied in detail in order to optimize for efficiency, comfortable see keeping and performance. This has resulted in a highly efficient 23 meter vessel, with a top speed of 31 knots using only two 720kW engines, setting a new industry standard for efficiency. The result is low emissions and low fuel consumption (360 liters per hour at 31 knots and 250 liters per hour at 25 knots speed) which creates cost savings for the end user.

The vessel has been designed to meet the highest standards to allow working on international projects without difficulty.

Cummins Onan by SIM Holland B.V.
Onan is clearly the market leader when it comes to marine generator sets in the range of 4 to 99kW. Worldwide, large OEM’s standardize on Cummins Onan generators due to the high quality standards and the World Wide service network. Cummins Onan generator sets are supported by the largest and besttrained worldwide certified Distributor/Dealer network in the industry. The Cummins Onan Limited Warranty for Marine Generators covers the generators for a period of five (5) years or 2.000 hours, whichever occurs first, from date of delivery to the first retail purchaser.

In 1963 SIM Holland B.V. imported the first Onan generators into the Netherlands and since that moment we have evolved to the Onan specialist and exclusive dealer which we are today. Since the beginning we have been supplying the Onan products to luxury yachts, commercial vessels, campers and commercial vehicles.

SIM Holland B.V. has a lot of solutions and services to offer, when it comes to (secured) energy provision. You are welcome
to visit our webpage (www.simholland.nl) and our reference page at SIM Holland References. And of course you are more
than welcome to contact us.

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